Retro Sound System of the Future 2

by David L. Puga

Digital Punk
Prison State
Midnight Rush


The sequel to 2011's Retro Sound system EP, 2 is a continuation & an evolution of the sound. With Volume 2 I wanted to focus in on a more cinematic feel, go for a Cyberpunk feel this time.

Digital Punk, setting the stage for this dystopian neon new world where digital life is as part of the scene as organic; the streets peppered with the remains of those lost, & those still surviving.

Errant signal, the soundtrack of a futuristic club where everyone goes to forget their troubles while the world burns just outside.

Prison State, the theme of a people who wish to Escape from The World. To those who'll fight against the rising tide.

Midnight Rush, because if you gotta escape, do it fast & loud! A song for those nights when you just gotta drive & forget the problems around you.


releases February 14, 2017

All tracks written, performed and produced by David L. Puga
Art by David L. Puga

Mastered by Justin Lassen



all rights reserved


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